Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First screenshots of NebulaX

I have been working on my new engine for some months now and I thought it was time to start blogging again.

Here are some random facts about the new engine:

* Complete rewrite of my old engine.
* Despite its name and contrary to my previous posts: it's 100% API-independent.
* Only XNA 1.1 renderer at the moment
* Pluggable rendering pipeline, but only deferred shading pipeline atm.
* DXEffect-like effect system based on XML
* Shader language independent, only HLSL impl. atm.
* "Super-shader"-style effects for generating shader permutations
* Post-processing framework
* Pluggable scene management system
* Pluggable mesh import pipeline, only COLLADA support atm.
* Optimized math library
* Everything is witten in C# execpt the math lib witch is written in C++/CLI.
* Zero GC collections during runtime!

Sounds like marketing bull, and it is:) There's quite a few places in the code that needs to get cleaned up but this is work in progress.

Below is some screenies showing some deferred shading tests.
One point light and 5 colored spot lights.