Friday, February 22, 2008

Tip of the day

Nope, no engine updates today. Instead I'll give you a website recommendation.

If you're a bit weird like me, that is, you rather read graphics papers than fiction before you go to sleep, you probably already have this one in your bookmarks.

Ke-Sen Huang keeps an index of all papers available online from every academic graphics conference worth it's name.

I'm yet to find a good rescource that lists all papers and presentations from more commercially oriented conferences like GDC. Feel free to share your own bookmarks :)


Anonymous said...

Great link Jonas, already bookmarked it.
Btw..were you at GDC this year?

Jonas Risbrandt said...

No, I wasn't able to go:(
But I've read your slides on Exponential Shadow Maps. Great work!

Anonymous said...

impressive stuff. What 3D file format(OBJ, DAE? ) are you using to import their mesh into your engine?

Do you support tangent space normal maps, and a specular map?

Jonas Risbrandt said...

Thanks! I use COLLADA (.dae) for import, and yes, I support both normal maps and specular maps as well as a bunch of others like emissive, bump and reflective maps.

The importer needs some work though, as it hasn't been my top priority :)

出会い said...
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