Thursday, December 14, 2006

Going sloooow.

Since I just have a few hours a week to spare for engine coding, not much is happening atm. I simply have too much in school.

That said, at least I'm doing some progress:)
I have a nice and flexible GUI system up and running. It works pretty much like the usual winforms stuff (or any other GUI:)) and I have the most common controls implemented.
It's fully skinnable and easy to customize and extend. Since I'm too lazy for drawing my own skin, I "borrowed" a texture from this guy:)

I plan to add some more stuff (including 360-controller support) and polish the code and make this public with source and all. Probably some time after Christmas.

Hopefully they don't add GUI support to XNA too soon. Would make all this pretty pointless ;)


The Chad said...

Hey, I made that texture! Hehe. Looks good.

Jonas Risbrandt said...

Hehe, hope you don't mind me using it for debugging:)

I've always been impressed by your site btw! Nice work!