Sunday, February 05, 2006

I just added texturing to the effects system. Nothing fancy, but at least my test scene looks a bit nicer :)

At the moment I'm taking a course called Game Engine Technology. Game physics is a part of the course and today I and Jesper (who also is coding a nice engine called Milk) played around with ODE (Open Dynamics Engine). In the course we use a simple game engine written in Python and we used a wrapper for ODE called PyODE. I'll have a rant about my thoughts on Python in another post, but the short story is that I'm not very fond of it.
However, using ODE worked like a charm and we got some nice ridig body physics up and running in no time since most of the stuff were already there in the engine. It's amazingly fun to throw boxes around and watch them collide and respond in a realistic (well, more or less) manner :)

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/dr Hossmo said...

Nice work there mr. :)

keep it up, and there will probably come a big reward somewhere down your path! :)