Friday, April 07, 2006

I got stuck when trying to redesign my engine to better support materials that depend on multiple render passes. So I started working on a cloud system instead:)

The system if fully dynamic and the clouds move and deform. The lighting is a (rather) simple trick but looks quite nice. I got the basic idea from an article by Michael Gehling in last months GDMag. I just modified it to suit my needs. The main problem I have is that it's very hard to tweak the system to look good in all situations. Settings that look good at dawn look crap at noon and vice versa. But I think I can solve that by interpolating settings over the day-night cycle.

Another problem is that things are getting rather costly as you can see on the fps counter:) So far I've done no optimizations what so ever so I think I can squeeze quite a few more fps out of this baby.

Here's a few new screenshots:


Mr. Volckmer said...

Wow, the clouds look a bit flat (probably because they are) but the lighting is awesome... I need to stop looking at your screenshots and get to work on my own stuff, ehehe ;)

Jonas Risbrandt said...

Yeah you're right, it's just a plane with layers of perlin noise so that's why they look a bit flat. I use normal maps for the lighting and it helps a bit.

I think that volumetric clouds like the ones described by Mark Harris is overkill for a FPS style game. The player will probably be focused on things on the ground and not notice the flatness of the sky:)